Backpack challenge!

We all know that going back to school can be challenging and expensive for a lot of families . especially working families on a low income and this year more than ever! We would like to make sure that no child misses out because they don’t have a back pack , pencil case or any other essential item .

So we are asking for people or businesses to sponsor a Back Pack and its contents which will include a Pencil Case, Ruler Pencils, Highlighters, Felt Tips and a Notebook for £25. And we are aiming if we can to do 30 of these. Each backpack will come with a card letting you know who sponsored your bag and a message saying Hope You Have a Great School Year… 👍

Dawn Shepherd and Dartmouth Community Chest will distribute these to children before September. They also have a School Uniform rail as well, if anyone needs any .

If anyone has spare School Uniform or would like to Sponsor a Back Pack please just let me know 🥰

9 out of 10 teachers have said that children with basic essentials come Into school feeling more confident and ready to get stuck Into lessons .

So let’s help them out 🥰📐🖍️📏✏️📖