Dartmouth Community Chest has delivered more than 14,000 meals to those in need since the lockdown started last year. 

Dawn Shepherd, Dartmouth Community Chest, looked back over the strangest of years as the organisation moves from the Townstal Community Hall to the Ivy Lane Centre and the community hall starts preparing to welcome groups back after lockdown.  

Dawn said: “In the last year working with the TQ6 partnership, our amazing volunteers have cooked and delivered a staggering 14,286 meals and delivered 7,745 food parcels. 203 toy parcels went out at Christmas and we delivered 67 Christmas meals.

“We have given thousands of pounds of fuel top ups, and hundreds of prescriptions have been collected and delivered. Emergency furniture and white goods have been delivered, and uniform swapped.

“Our volunteers have carried out thousands of shopping trips and surplus food collections and made thousands of phone calls to support our community. During the school holidays we provided hundreds of packed lunches and helped families access support and advice.

“We did this and much more because we stood together as a community and refused to leave anyone alone or without. 

“As we move on to the next place and life starts to get back to normal, we should always remember that during this difficult time we were stronger together.”

She added: “If you need anything or know anyone struggling, please get in touch.”

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